Carriage Run Phase IV

Homeowners Association

Our Roofs Are Getting Old

If you still have an original may be time to be thinking about getting a replacement.  Our roofs are approaching 30 years old and I'm sure they were only 25 year shingles at the time of installation.  Many roofs have already been replaced or are being replaced now.  Don't wait till it's too late and you get leaks and inside damage!

New GPS Lighting Timer​s

The board is pleased to announce that we have installed GPS lighting timers on all the street lights in our association.  These timers are set to turn the lights on at sunset (minus 20 minutes) and off at sunrise (plus 20 minutes).  Also...these timers never have to be manually adjusted...all automatic!


If you notice anyone speeding (above 15mph) in our community, please report them to the board.  Also, if you notice and delivery vehicles speeding (UPS, FedEx, etc.) please call the company and report the driver.  We have many children playing, riding bikes, etc.  Please slow down!

Skippack Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania